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It is through teaching that we inspire, that we widen horizons and generate opportunities. It is through teaching that we empower our students and offer them the tools to succeed in an every day more complex and competitive world. A competitive world, indeed, but also a world with an array of possibilities to create, to be better, to contribute and to be a positive and productive member of society.

Teaching English has become a critical aspect in education. English is an essential element for academic and professional purposes. It is the basic complement that completes students to interact successfully in a growing English speaking environment. And it is through the teaching of English that us, teachers, complete and empower our students. Because the days of teaching Grammar solely are far behind. Today we are educators that offer integral formation for our students through the development of language skills, academic and soft skills that will accompany them in every area of their lives.

SENATI and National Geographic Learning together use the power of teaching to contribute to the future of professionals and members of society, to empower them, to enlighten them and to make them thrive and prosper.



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