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Can you imagine a sustainable world where everyone respects nature? A world where everyone has access to healthy eating? And where everyone is supportive, helpful and respectful of others? We know this world exists - but it's only possible if we build it together! Please join us in our new campaign where language learning meets global competence with one of our Young Learners´ product Imagine and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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UN Sustainable Development Goals

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About the Campaign

Imagine a Better World helps encouraging young learners of English to develop the language skills they need to become citizens of the world. All of the projects were carefully crafted to truly engage students in real world situations and encourage them to think critically about the steps needed to take action in their communities. In each lesson, you'll find opportunities for students to activate their background knowledge, connect with new ideas, ask questions, deepen their knowledge about different concepts, and learn foundational life skills such as planning, collaborating, empathizing, among others. Each project is grounded in one of the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals.

For Imagine Starter, students will investigate Good Health and Well-Being through an investigation about healthy eating habits. In Imagine 3, students will investigate the question “Is our school community consuming resources in sustainable ways?”, tackling the Responsible Consumption and Production goal. For older students, in Imagine 5, students will discover more about Sustainable Cities and Communities and investigate sustainable and effective ways to commute to school.

We hope your students will develop life skills throughout the cycles of these projects that can empower them to go beyond and transform their realities. Enjoy!




Bringing the real world to your classroom is now as easy as ABC! With exciting content from National Geographic, Imagine makes it simple to introduce curious young learners to the world and everything in it.  

Students get speaking right away with the support of useful conversation models and opportunities for communication and collaboration. Structured presentation and practice help learners use vocabulary and grammar to communicate confidently. 

Step-by-step language presentation and structured practice give children the English they need. Now, everyone can learn English, while learning about the world – and having fun! 

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