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Project Title: Footprints

Essential Question: Is our school community consuming resources in sustainable ways?

UN Sustainable Development Goal: 12 Responsible Consuption and Production

Learning Goals & Skills

Understand the concept of sustainable consumption.

Identify positive and negative footprints across the communities students belong to.

Identify and explain the impact of positive and negative consumption and production.

Use critical thinking to identify problems in their community and creativity to look for solutions.

Collaborate with peers to create a plan to solve an identified problem.

Final Product

Students will create a plan to take action on an identified type of footprint and waste of resources that is happening at their school. As a final experience, they will present their idea to the school board.


In this unit, students will:


• Identify foods and drinks.

• State preferences using I like [juice].

• State dislikes using I don’t like [bread].

• Sing a song about food.

• Identify and pronounce sounds associated with M (/m/), N (/n/),and O (/ɑ/).

• Identify and write upper- and lowercase forms of M, N, and O.

• Listen to and read a story about sharing food.

• Identify the value of giving and sharing.


UN Sustainable Development Goals

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