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Project Title: Healthy & Tasty

Essential Question: In which ways is it possible to eat healthy and tasty?

UN Sustainable Development Goal:  3 – Good Health and Well-Being

Learning Goals & Skills

Identify and name different types of food, including healthy food.

Identify what is a balanced plate.

Identify and find similarities or differences between the eating habits of different communities (school, family, and others).

Discuss and present ways to eat healthy.

Collaborate with peers to create a mural.

Final Product

A mural to be displayed at the school kitchen to teach each other, the kitchen team, and the school community some of the best combinations of healthy and tasty food.


In this unit, students will:


• Identify foods and drinks.

• State preferences using I like [juice].

• State dislikes using I don’t like [bread].

• Sing a song about food.

• Identify and pronounce sounds associated with M (/m/), N (/n/),and O (/ɑ/).

• Identify and write upper- and lowercase forms of M, N, and O.

• Listen to and read a story about sharing food.

• Identify the value of giving and sharing.


UN Sustainable Development Goals

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