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Project Title: Sustainable Cities & Transportation

Essential Question: What are sustainable and effective ways to commute to school?

UN Sustainable Development Goal: 11 – Susteinable Cities and Communities

Learning Goals & Skills

• Understand the role of transportation in a sustainable city.
• Compare and contrast different types of transportation regarding sustainability and impact on the environment.
• Identify multiple ways to commute in a city.
• Use critical thinking to make conclusions about sustainable ways to commute. 
• Collaborate with peers to create a visual way to communicate to the school community sustainable ways to commute to school.

Final Product

A map or visual aid to be displayed in the school entrance informing different ways to commute to school; pointing out different transportation services around school and the most sustainable and effective ways to get there.


In this unit, students will:


• Talk about musical instruments.
• Listen to information about the Recycled Orchestra of Cateura.
• Talk about completed actions in the past.
• Read an article about Indian music and dance.
• Discuss music in different cultures.
• Use adverbs of manner to talk about how they do things.
• Identify the value of being yourself.
• Write an email to a friend.


UN Sustainable Development Goals

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